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Past issues

Microbiology Today began in 1999; previous to this the Society magazine was called SGM Quarterly. For details of issues published before 1998, please contact the Editorial Office.

  1. The Mobile Microbe

    November 2016

    The November 2016 issue of Microbiology Today is an extended special issue with the Australian Society for Microbiology's publication, Microbiology Australia. This edition focuses on travel and microbiology.

  2. Future Tech

    August 2016

    Microbiologists and microbes are at the forefront of new invention and innovation, and the August issue of Microbiology Today focuses on 'Future Tech' – the pioneering work taking place in the field.

  3. What is life?

    May 2016

    The May 2016 issue of Microbiology Today tackles the question 'What is life?', looking at and exploring the different aspects related to it and the field of microbiology.

  4. Fungal diseases

    February 2016

    Welcome to the February 2016 issue of Microbiology Today, which focuses on fungal diseases, covering Candida, ash dieback and Aspergillus.

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