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The Microbiology Society is a membership organisation for scientists who work in all areas of microbiology.

It is the largest learned microbiological society in Europe with a worldwide membership based in universities, industry, hospitals, research institutes and schools.


Join the Microbiology Society and become part of the largest microbiology community in Europe.


Latest News rss

  1. Antibiotics Unearthed: Brecon Beacons and Northumberland

    18 July 2016

    Last year, the Microbiology Society took our citizen science project ‘Antibiotics Unearthed’ to Thetford Forest, Norfolk, and Alice Holt Forest, Surrey, and engaged the public in the search for new antibiotics. After the success of these events, the Society is delighted to announce that we are taking our interactive stand across the UK once again, this time to the Brecon Beacons and Northumberland.

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  2. Focused Meeting: Exploring the Microbe–Immune System Interface

    14 July 2016

    From 1–2 September 2016, the Microbiology Society Irish Division and the Irish Society of Immunology will be jointly hosting Exploring the Microbe–Immune System Interface, at the Rochestown Park Hotel in Rochestown, Cork, Ireland.

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From the blog

  1. On the Horizon: Xylella fastidiosa

    26 July 2016

    It’s not just humans and animals that are affected by emerging diseases. In this latest addition to the On the Horizon series, we learn about a poorly understood bacterium that causes significant hardships to farmers across the world. The Apulia region, a thin strip of southeast Italy that stretches out into the Ionian and Adriatic [continue reading …]


Upcoming Events rss

  1. Focused Meeting 2016: Molecular Biology of Archaea 5

    1 - 3 Aug     London, UK

  2. Focused Meeting 2016 – Irish Division: Exploring the Microbe–Immune System Interface

    1 - 2 Sep     Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork, Ireland

  3. Focused Meeting 2016: The Dynamic Fungus

    5 - 7 Sep     Exeter, UK

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