Microbiology Today: The Microbiome now online

09 May 2017

The May issue of Microbiology Today focuses on the topic of 'the microbiome'. The study of the microbiome highlights the microbes within these complex communities, and the interactions they have with each other and their environment. The new issue looks at a range of ecological niches, from coral reefs to the human body, investigating how microbiomes influence our health and the world around us.

Julian Marchesi's article introduces the topic of the microbiome, how this research area is developing and how understanding microbiomes is central to realising how ecosystems and life on Earth functions. Thorunn Helgason discusses the soil microbiome, which could help optimise land management practices to improve crop yields. Melissa Dsouza and Jack Gilbert further consider microbiomes on a larger scale describing how new insights in statistical analysis and sequencing technology could help drive the sustainability, restoration and protection of ecosystems worldwide.

Sarah Maddocks tells us about the microbiome of wounds and the impact this community of micro-organisms has on the healing process of chronic injuries. Paul O'Toole explores the role that microbiomes play in human health and disease, which may relate to the risk of developing certain diseases and has been associated with how well some treatments work and their side effects. James Prosser's Comment piece focuses on the advances in technology required to study the microbiome, and the nature and scale of research needed to uncover insights about the microbiome.

Also in this issue: the latest on our journals; some recent Research Visit Grant recipients share their experiences; an Early Career Microbiologist's Forum update; an overview of two Education and Outreach projects focusing on the microbiome; an article about the Society's policy work on the microbiome; a resource for teaching the human microbiome in schools; the membership Q&A piece; the latest from the Society roundup; book reviews and more.

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