Microbiology Society launches Multicoloured Microbiomes colouring book

10 October 2017

The Microbiology Society is delighted to announce the launch of Multicoloured Microbiomes, our new colouring book. This book is packed full of bacteria, fungi, archea, protists, and viruses for you to colour in and discover the invisible world around us. You can now pre-order this online now!

Multicoloured Microbiomes is illustrated by Microbiology Society member Eliza Wolfson and it explores the diverse world of microbes in many different environments. From the rumen gut to the ocean to your fridge, this book is packed full of areas where microbes live together in harmony.  There are three sections for you to fill in: 'Microbiomes inside us', 'Microbiomes around us' and 'Microbiomes at home', and there is also a hidden secret on every page…

Whether you want to take some time out of your day to colour in or you know somebody who enjoys getting creative with science, this book has something for everyone. Available now to pre-order online hereMulticoloured Microbiomes can be yours for £5*.

There will be two mailings of the book before the end of 2017 for those living in the UK and Europe. If you order before 12 November it will be dispatched on 13 November or by 10 December to receive yours before Christmas. If you are outside the UK and Europe please contact books@microbiologysociety.org to arrange international shipping.

*Price may vary for those outside UK and Europe.