Member Directory

We have listened to the feedback given to us by our members and so we are planning to bring back the Member Directory. The Society originally had a hard-copy version of a Member Directory; this time it will be in the members’ only area of the website and accessible by password only.

The Directory will become a useful tool for:

  • finding other members in and around your place of work or study
  • finding members with interests in similar fields
  • providing you with a platform and presence within our community

To be effective, the Directory requires the widest possible participation of our membership from day one. Our intention is to bring the following information (where available) into the Directory for all of our members unless they specifically request to opt out:

  • Member name
  • Member title
  • Organisation name
  • Membership grade
  • Microbial group
  • Microbial interest
  • Town
  • Country

Most of this information is available in the public domain already, but the Directory will help by bringing it all together into one place.

We would strongly encourage you to become a part of the Directory and enjoy the benefits it will be able to bring you and other members of the Society.

If you would prefer not to be listed in the Member Directory, you will need to let us know by Friday 8 September 2017.

You can do this by email or post.

Email us:

Write to us:
Membership Office
Microbiology Society
Charles Darwin House
12 Roger Street

If you are happy to appear in the Directory, you do not need to take any further action.