Grants FAQs

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Grants FAQs

Am I eligible for a grant?

You can check your eligibility for each grant scheme on its dedicated page.

How do I apply for a grant?

You can find information on how to apply on each grant page. The information needed varies between schemes. Please send your applications, making sure to include the name of the scheme in the subject line, to If email is not possible, please send your application by post to The Grants Office, Microbiology Society, Charles Darwin House, 12 Roger Street, London, WC1N 2JU, UK.

Can I apply for my Travel Grant before my abstract is accepted?

Yes – and we encourage this. You’ll be given a ‘conditional’ award and so will need evidence that your abstract is accepted to claim the funds, if your application is successful.

When can I expect to hear about your application?

You can expect to receive acknowledgement of receipt of your application within five working days.

For Research Visit Grants, Education and Outreach Grants, Microbiology in Schools Fund, Harry Smith Vacation Studentships and International Development Fund applications, please expect to be notified of the outcome within eight weeks of the closing date.

For all other programmes, you will be notified within four weeks of the closing date.

Do you accept late applications?

We don’t accept late applications. The grant deadlines are advertised in advance on the website, Twitter and in our newsletter, so keep an eye out for upcoming dates in these sources.

How do I claim my grant?

Please send in evidence of your claim (this can be receipts or invoices, and evidence of your attendance) together with the appropriate claim form.

When will the funds reach my account?

For accounts in the UK, funds will be transferred into the nominated bank account within three weeks of your payment letter.

For accounts outside of the UK, funds will be transferred into the nominated bank account within four weeks of your payment letter.