The business of Council is facilitated by a number of committees. These committees are chaired by a member of Council and will normally include one or more elected members as well as respective members of Society staff.

The current Council Committees are as follows:

Communications Committee

The remit of the Communications Committee is to oversee delivery of the Society's strategic priority: to inspire and educate a diverse range of external stakeholders. These include members, students, teachers, journalists and the wider public. A comprehensive framework of communication activities and resources will be used to allow the stakeholders to make informed decisions, which recognise the importance of microbiology and its advances. Both traditional and digital media, including new technologies such as social media, will be harnessed to communicate key messages effectively. The Communications Committee oversees: the Society’s quarterly magazine Microbiology Today, e-newsletter, website, the development of educational resources across the key stages through to post-16, outreach activities, social media activities and press.

Committee members: David Bhella (Chair), Emma Denham, Lorena Fernández-Martínez, Freya Harrison, Rowena Jenkins (Editor of Microbiology Today), James Redfern, Alison Sinclair, Nicola Stonehouse.

Paul Hoskisson, former Chair of the Communications Committee, talks about what he loved about being on the Committee and how you can get involved.

Communications Committee Terms of Reference


Early Career Microbiologists’ Forum Executive Committee

The remit of the Early Career Microbiologists’ Forum Executive Committee is to contribute to the delivery of the Society’s strategic priority to support the career and professional development of microbiologists. The committee coordinates the work of the Early Career Microbiologists’ Forum, ensuring that early career members and their views are included across all Society activities by having representation across all committees. The Executive Committee supports the Professional Development Committee by providing advice and expertise.

The Committee has a subgroup of four representatives who bring the early career viewpoint to the Society's Divisions.

Committee members: Helen Brown (Chair), Amiee Allen (Undergraduate Representative), Andrew Day (Programmes Representative), Rebecca Hall (Communications Representative), Colman O'Cathail (Finance Representative), Linda Oyama (International Representative), Amy Richards (Conferences Representative).

Division Representatives: Megan Booth (Prokaryotic Division), Leah Fitzsimmons (Virology Division), Justine Rudkin (Irish Division).

Finance and Operations Committee

The remit of the Finance and Operations Committee is to oversee the conduct of the Society’s finances at strategic and policy levels, and provide guidance to the Head of Finance and Administration and other senior staff with responsibilities for income, expenditure and investments. This involves monitoring and authorising, as necessary, all aspects of the Society’s finances, including budgets, investment portfolio, annual return, reserves policy, exceptional expenditure etc.

Committee members: Chris Thomas (Chair and Treasurer), Neil Gow, George Salmond.

Finance and Operations Committee Terms of Reference

Policy Committee

The remit of the Policy Committee is to oversee delivery of Society’s strategic priority to influence policy. The Committee’s strategy aims to ensure that appropriate scientific information and expert opinion are made available to policy- and decision-makers and that the improvement of resources and infrastructure for microbiology is supported. The Policy Committee will raise the profile of microbiology and the Society to policy audiences through targeted activities and resources. These include: publishing both proactive and reactive reports that inform policy with the best science, supporting the development of an evidence-based approach to the use of microbiology research by policy- and decision-makers, organising and attending parliamentary events, responding to consultations, and working with other organisations to respond to more general science policy issues.

Committee members: Pat Goodwin (Chair), Andrew Collis, Paul Kellam, John McGrath, Maria McPhillips, Anusha Panjwani, Jim Prosser, Jeremy Webb.

Maria McPhillips talks about why the Policy Committee is so important and the value she has gained from being involved.

Policy Committee Terms of Reference

Professional Development Committee

The remit of the Professional Development Committee is to oversee delivery of the Society’s strategic priority to promote microbiology as a career from school level onwards and to support career and professional development of microbiologists. Activities include: award of grants and prizes, dissemination of good practice/scholarship/learning in state-of-the-art techniques and technologies, resource development, degree accreditation, post-18 education and career development for individuals at all career stages (school, undergraduate, postgraduate, postdoctoral, early career and beyond). The Committee also considers all aspects of Society membership within the broader remit of professional development.

Committee members: David Whitworth (Chair), Helen Brown (ECM Forum Chair), Nigel Brown, Douglas Browning, Matthias Dittmar, Gillian Douce, Katherine Hargreaves, Heather Macklyne, Sarah Maddocks, Arikana Massiah, Tadhg Ó’Cróinín.

Professional Development Committee Terms of Reference

Publishing Committee

The remit of the Publishing Committee is to support the success and sustainability of the Society publications through the implementation of the publishing strategy approved by Council. To provide input and feedback between the scientific stakeholders (Membership, Council and Editors-in-Chief) and Society publishing management on the development of new publishing products and services, and to ensure the ongoing success of existing publications.

Committee members: Charles Dorman (Chair), Stephen Bentley, Andrew Day, Norman Fry, Robert Hall, Mark Harris, Johannes Kusters, Jodi Lindsay (Chair-Elect), Kalai Mathee, Stephen Oliver, Aharon Oren, Tanya Parish, Nick Thompson.

Publishing Committee Terms of Reference

Scientific Conferences Committee

The remit of the Scientific Conferences Committee (SCC) is to oversee the delivery of the Society’s strategic priority to deliver international conferences disseminating research knowledge and provide an opportunity for communication between microbiologists. The Scientific Conferences Committee ensures the highest level of microbiological science is delivered through the selection of world renowned speakers, whilst providing opportunities for those new to the field to present their work via interactive workshops and poster sessions.

The SCC co-ordinates the activities of the Microbiology Society Divisions covering, Virology, Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic microbiology. It reviews session proposals and plans the programme for upcoming Microbiology Society conferences in the UK and Ireland. The SCC actively encourages members to submit meeting proposals for consideration and supports the development of new meeting formats and meeting technologies.

Committee members: Karen Robinson (Chair), Mick Tuite (Chair-Elect), David Clarke, Gill Elliott, David Evans, Kim Hardie, Vincent O’Flaherty, John Morrissey, Amy Richards, Elinor Thompson, Geertje van Keulen.

Scientific Conferences Committee Terms of Reference