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Policy documents

  1. 2013 - Sexually transmitted infections

    December 2013

    The Society convened an expert panel mapping the key issues facing the current system of research and healthcare in sexual health and how we might respond to these issues in terms of UK policy.

  2. Polio

    October 2013

    Polio is a serious viral infection that can cause paralysis.

  3. Measles

    June 2013

    Measles is a viral disease spread through inhaling viral particles from infected coughs and sneezes.

  4. Microbes and the food supply

    May 2013

    Microbiology is vital to preserve a sustainable, safe and secure food supply.

  5. The Human Microbiota

    February 2013

    The human microbiota is the community of trillions of micro-organisms that live on and in the body. It can play a vital role in regulating our health and has been linked to diseases such as type II diabetes and Crohn’s disease. It is therefore under intensive scientific investigation.

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