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Microbiology Today

Microbiology Today is the Society's quarterly magazine. The content is balanced to meet the needs of the Society’s members. The magazine aims to provide informative and enjoyable broad-interest articles for all readers, including parliamentarians and policy-makers. Each issue focuses on a topic, and topics are chosen with the aim of covering all fields of microbiology.

Regular features of Microbiology Today include:

  • Themed feature articles on the topic of the issue.
  • News focusing on members and the Society.
  • Articles covering a wide range of subjects representing the interests of members, from publishing and policy through to career advice and public engagement.
  • Previews of future Society conferences.
  • Grants, prizes and membership information.
  • Topical microbiology news.
  • Schoolzone, a dedicated section for school teachers, technicians and students.
  • Comment for airing opinions, including more controversial views.

Microbiology Today is published every February, May, August and November. Members can access Microbiology Today as part of their annual subscription. Commercial subscriptions are also available.

Current Issue

  1. Halting Epidemics

    February 2017

    Disease outbreaks need to be closely monitored and contained to limit their potential spread. The February 2017 issue of Microbiology Today focuses on epidemics and the measures taken to prevent the spread of disease.

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