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2013 - Sexually transmitted infections

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2013 - Sexually transmitted infections


We have identified sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as one of our key policy priorities.

The Society convened an expert panel mapping the key issues facing the current system of research and healthcare in sexual health and how we might respond to these issues in terms of UK policy.

The Position Statement is available to download in the left side-bar.

Panel Membership

Professor S. Pete Borriello (Chairperson)
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Medical Microbiology and joint Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Medical Microbiology Case Reports

Professor Nigel L. Brown
Society President

Professor Tony Barnett
Professor of the Social Sciences of Infectious Diseases, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Honorary Professorial Research Fellow, London School of Economics

Professor Virginia Berridge
Professor of History & Director, Centre for History in Public Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Dr Peter Biggins
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Ministry of Defence

Dr Angie Bone
Formerly Director, National Chlamydia Screening Programme, Public Health England

Professor Heather A. Cubie
HPV Research Group and Scottish HPV Investigators Network, University of Edinburgh

Ms Andrea Duncan
Programme Manager, Sexual Health & HIV, Department of Health (Health, Science and Bioethics Division)

Dr Catherine Fleming
Consultant genitourinary physician, University College Hospital Galway, Ireland

Professor Lucinda Hall
Professor of Molecular Microbiology & Lead, Centre for Immunology and Infectious Disease, London School of Medicine and Dentistry

Professor Catherine Ison
Director, Sexually Transmitted Bacteria Reference Laboratory, Public Health England; Visiting Professor, School of Public Health, Imperial College London

Professor David Livermore
Professor of Medical Microbiology, Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia; Lead, Antibiotic Resistance, Public Health England

Dr Fiona Lyons
Consultant genitourinary physician, St. James’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Dr Samuel Moses
Consultant Virologist, Public Health England Microbiology Services; Associate Clinical Lecturer, Newcastle University

Mr Martin Murchie
President, Society of Sexual Health Advisers; Senior Sexual Health Adviser, The Sandyford Initiative, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Dr Anthony Nardone
Epidemiologist, Sexual Health Promotion & Evaluation, HIV/STI Department, Public Health England

Dr Tariq Sadiq
Reader & Honorary Consultant, St George’s, University of London

Dr Jonathan Stoye
Head, Division of Virology, National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill

Mr James Taylor
Senior Health Officer, Stonewall

Dr David Ulaeto
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Ministry of Defence

Mr Paul Ward
Deputy Chief Executive, Terence Higgins Trust

Professor Robin A. Weiss
Emeritus Professor, Division of Infection & Immunity, University College London


Policy Officer, Microbiology Society.

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