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Consultation responses

Periodically the Microbiology Society is asked to respond to consultation documents issued by academic, governmental and NGO institutions. Recent responses are available to download below.

  1. House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee: Science Communication Inquiry

    May 2016

    The Microbiology Society submitted written evidence to the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee's Science Communication inquiry. Our evidence highlighted the Society's strategy and activities to raise awareness of microbiology through public engagement: to inspire and educate people about microbiology, and allow them to make informed decisions which recognise the importance of microbiology and its advances.

  2. Evaluation of the EU antimicrobial resistance action plan

    January 2016

    The Microbiology Society submitted a letter in response to the public consultation for the Evaluation of the Commission’s Communication to the European Parliament and the Council on the Action Plan against the Rising Threats from Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) (COM (2011) 748). The Society was subsequently invited to attend a one-day stakeholder workshop in Brussels to help further inform the Action Plan and its evaluation. Among other issues, the Society highlighted the environmental dimension of AMR and a report summarising views and issues raised by researchers at a series of interdisciplinary AMR workshops organised by the Society and other members of the Learned Society Partnership on AMR (LeSPAR).

  3. UK Soil Health Inquiry

    January 2016

    The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee launched an inquiry into UK soil health to examine the importance of soil health, how it can be measured and UK government policy on soils. The Microbiology Society submitted written evidence to the inquiry, which highlighted the importance of soil micro-organisms for society and the environment, and role of microbiological research in understanding, monitoring and securing soil health.

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