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Early Career Microbiologists' Forum

The Early Career Microbiologists’ (ECM) Forum has been established to give early career members of the Society a way to influence our work. Every member starting out in their microbiology career is invited to join the Forum. Members of the Forum will be kept in the loop about opportunities of interest within the Society, and will be eligible to vote for the Executive Committee – a group of ECM members which will steer the group. The Executive Committee will take positions on the Society’s committees and will ensure that the views of early career microbiologists are brought to the table at committee meetings, Society meetings, and Council. As only ECM members are eligible to vote for the committee, this is a real opportunity to reflect the view of this group within the Society and make sure that issues of relevance to early career microbiologists are addressed.

Who can be part of the ECM Forum?

All members of the Society are welcome to join the Forum. As a guide, we consider you an early career microbiologist if you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate student, or within five years of appointment to your first position after your highest degree earned. However, if this doesn’t fit your situation and you consider yourself an early career researcher, you are welcome to join. This group is not just for academic scientists. We want to take the views of all microbiologists, whether you are medical, clinical, veterinary, industrial or working in other relevant fields, into account as we make the Society work for you. 

What's the Executive Committee?

The Executive Committee will represent the Forum at Committee and Council level. They will be expected to listen to the needs of the general membership of the Forum and feed this information into their respective committees. The roles on the Executive Committee are as follows:

The Chair: will work with Council and the Professional Development Committee and be a full member of both. As a member of Council, this member of the Executive Committee will be a trustee of the Society.

The Conferences Representative: will work with the Scientific Conferences Committee, which considers the scientific content of Society meetings, i.e. the Annual Conference, Focused Meetings and Irish Division Meetings.

The Programmes Representative: will work with both the Policy and Publishing Committees. The Policy Committee raises the profile of microbiology and the Society to policy audiences through targeted activities and resources, while the Publishing Committee supports the success and sustainability of the Society publications through the implementation of the publishing strategy approved by Council. As this role will work with two committees, it has the potential to work with diverse stakeholders.

The Communications Representative: will work with the Communications Committee, which oversees delivery of the Society's strategic priority to inspire and educate a diverse range of external stakeholders. The committee is responsible for the Society’s quarterly magazine Microbiology Today, e-newsletter, website, the development of educational resources across the key stages through to post-16, outreach activities, social media activities and press.

The International Representative: will work with the International Working Group, which ensures the Society is considering its international endeavours.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the form below; this will let us know that you are interested in the work of the Forum, and we'll keep you in the loop with updates on nominations and voting.

  1. Data Protection Act 1998. By submitting this form I authorise the Society to incorporate my details into a computerised database for the purposes of communicating with me regarding the Early Career Microbiologists’ Forum. The database will be private and used for no other purpose.

Please note: we will only use your details to contact you regarding the ECM Forum.


If you have any questions, please email

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