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What is the Champions scheme?

What do Champions do?

Our Champions have done an amazing array of things over the past months, from organising their own presentations, pub quiz, freshers' events, TED-style talks, brewing demonstrations, and more. Many have also taken part in Society-led initiatives too, with some attending a Houses of Parliament event and others supporting our policy and public engagement work through the Antibiotics Unearthed project.

You can see examples of the range of activities on the website.

What skills do Champions need?

Enthusiasm, enthusiasm, enthusiasm! That's it. If you're keen to tell others about some of the work you're doing or help others tell their stories, then we'll support you to do it. If you're a natural organiser and communicator, that helps too, but essentially it's your passion for the subject matter that counts. We can help with the rest.

What support do Champions receive?

Champions receive full training and guidance to undertake the role. We also support them with resources and an annual Champions Day (for UK-based Champions) in London, where they get to meet other Champions and share their ideas. Champions have their related expenses met and also receive free member ship for the duration of their 'Championship'.

What is the level of commitment expected?

This will depend on the individual Champion's own circumstances. However, as a guide, over a 12-month period, we would like to think Champions take part in two to three initiatives that help raise the profile of the Society.

What will I get out of being a Champion?

Our Champions are able to enhance their professional development and their CVs; build their sphere of influence and professional networks; attend conferences and other events within the UK on behalf of the Society; and  receive further training and development opportunities.

How do I become a Champion?

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Society Champion, please contact Paul Easton, Head of Membership Services, on +44 (0)02 7685 2680 or email.

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