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Hayes – Burnet Award recipient

Dr Amanda Rossiter, Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow, IMI, University of Birmingham

Amanda RossiterAmanda received the Hayes – Burnet Award in 2010 to visit Professor Mark Schembri at the University of Queensland. During her visit she studied the biogenesis of Type V virulence determinants from Gram-negative pathogens, which resulted in a publication (Rossiter, A. E. et al., 2011. J Bacteriol 193, 4250–3). Amanda also had the opportunity to present her work at the Australian Society for Microbiology General Meeting on the regulation of the plasmid-encoded toxin from enteroaggregative E. coli.

Since 2010, Amanda has maintained the collaboration with Professor Schembri, which has recently culminated in the submission of a research article, characterising the vacuolating autotransporter (Vat) cytotoxin from uropathogenic E. coli. Amanda says, “The Hayes – Burnet award provides a fantastic opportunity for early career researchers to expand their scientific network and raise their international profile. Receiving this award is evidence that you can independently plan collaborative research and I am sure this contributed to my success in receiving a Wellcome Trust fellowship. I would strongly advise junior academics to apply for this prestigious award.”

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