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Focused Meeting proposals

Focused Meetings concentrate on one specific area of microbiology and incorporate presentations from leading scientists as well as opportunities for those new to the field to present their research. Applications to organise a Focused Meeting are invited from any field of microbiology.

Focused Meetings:

  • organisers are entitled to full secretariat support services
  • can include between one and two full days of science
  • can be held jointly with another organisation

The Scientific Conferences Committee (SCC) meets twice a year to consider all proposals and grant applications submitted. Up and coming deadlines and notification dates are as follows:

Deadline: 12 June 2017
Notification date: 11 August 2017


Applications are invited from current members of the Society.

Terms and conditions

  • The decision of the award panel is final
  • Invited speakers must present for 30 minutes
  • Funding for invited speaker costs will only be made up to the current publicised Society limits
    • Geographic limits per half day of science:
      • a maximum of one speaker from the Rest of the World (ROW)
      • a maximum of one speaker from mainland Europe
      • a minimum of one speaker from the UK and Ireland
    • Travel expense allowances including flights, ground travel and in-travel subsistence:
      • UK and Ireland: up to a maximum of £150.00 in total
      • Mainland Europe: up to a maximum of £250.00 in total
      • USA/Canada up to a maximum of £900.00 in total
      • ROW: up to a maximum of £1,200.00 in total
    • Accommodation and registration.

    Session length



    0.5 and 1 day sessions

    up to 2 days

    up to 2 nights

    1.5 and 2 day sessions

    up to 3 days

    up to 3 nights

    2.5 and 3 day sessions

    up to 4 days

    up to 4 nights

    Application process

    • Applications must be made on the Focused Meetings proposal form and submitted by the published deadlines:

    Proposal form

    • Applicants should check the list of recently-covered topics prior to submission:

    Previous topics

    • Applications are reviewed by the members of Scientific Conferences Committee
    • Applicants should expect to receive notification of the outcome of their application within two months of the closing date

    Administration process

    Successful applications should note:

    • The responsibility for the scientific content, including the identification of invited speakers, lies with the organisers, with assistance from the appointed Division representative
    • Full secretarial support is provided by the Society’s Conferences team
    • The organisers are expected to work closely with the Society’s Conference team, including possible attendance at planning meetings and regular updates to relevant Division Chairs
    • No confirmation of speakers should be undertaken before written confirmation of the acceptance of a proposal is received from the Society

    Further questions on submitting a Focused Meetings proposal should be addressed to the Society’s Conference Office:

    Telephone: +44 (0)20 7685 2689

    Please use the Society Focused Meetings proposal form to submit your proposal.

Society-Sponsored Conferences

Members are invited to apply for up to £2,000 to cover the costs of funding invited speakers travel, accommodation, registration and subsistence. For further details and to apply please visit the Society-Sponsored Conference Grants page.

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