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The Microbiology Society produces a range of resources for teaching microbiology across the key stages. We also produce careers resources. The majority of our resources are free to order, or download, from our education website, Microbiology Online. Other resources are available to purchase online via our publications page.

  • Books - Microbiology textbooks and practical resources to support the teaching of practical microbiology at Key Stages 2-5.

  • Comics - Marvellous Microbes is a series of comics, specially designed with bold cartoons, which are used to illustrate the key facts about microbes.

  • Posters - Eye-catching posters, one demonstrating  effective hand washing and the other featuring features the six distinct groups of micro-organisms. Perfect for the classroom or the lab!

  • Fact files - Fact files cover more specialist topics, which are relevant to the curriculum and science schemes of work. Written in an easily understood format, they take an in-depth look at the subject, contain useful images and illustrations and include sources of further information.

Microbiology Online

Visit our dedicated education website, featuring our educational resources along with podcasts, videos, fascinating facts and more.

Microbiology Today - Schoolzone

Schoolzone is a dedicated section of the Society's magazine, Microbiology Today, for school teachers, technicians and students.


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