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Further resources

In the past, we have supported and helped develop a variety of resources by a number of external organisations, including the Royal Society of Biology and its member organisations.

Biology in the Real World

Nucleus, a group of learned societies & similar not for profit organisations, which includes the Microbiology Society, hosts a series of talks each year entitled, 'Biology in the Real World' at the  ASE Annual Conference. These talks are available to view online either as presentation slides or as filmed presentations on their website.

Practical Biology

Aimed at teachers of biology in secondary schools and colleges, this collection of experiments demonstrates a wide range of biological concepts and processes.

British Ecological Society (BES) Centenary Wall Charts

The BES has four engaging wall charts aimed at teachers and students of science, ecology and the environment. All wall charts have been made available free of charge by BES and are supported by additional online teaching resources. Microbiology Society was involved in developing The Competition for Life on Earth chart.

Microbes and Food

In collaboration with School Science, the Microbiology Society developed this interactive food resource.

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