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Citizen Science Project

Small World Initiative hands holding soil

As part of Antibiotics Unearthed we are running a Citizen Science Project. The aim is to engage people, through a practical-based soil activity, with the global issue of antimicrobial resistance and address some of the challenges associated with the discovery of novel antibiotics.

A series of ‘pop-up’ events are taking place at locations across the UK and Ireland, in summer 2017. The Society has an interactive stand at each location with a variety of hands-on activities for visitors to engage with the issue of antimicrobial resistance and drug discovery. Members of the public are encouraged to collect a soil sample during their visit and prepare it for scientific analysis at the stand. Participants will be able to track their sample and subsequent analysis online.

Follow us on Twitter at @MicrobioSoc or on our Facebook page:

Tracking your sample

Once your sample has been submitted, it will be sent to the University of East Anglia for analysis. An expert team of scientists will look at each soil sample and try and identify any potentially interesting micro-organisms that are producing antibiotics.

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