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Council members

The Council of the Society normally consists of up to 14 members. Of these, six members are elected by ballot by all ordinary members of the Society, eight are appointed by Council, six as Chairs of Committees, plus the President and General Secretary. Council is responsible for governance of the Society.

The current Members are as follows.

  • Executive
    • Professor Neil Gow

      Professor Neil Gow

      President - University of Aberdeen

    • Professor Maggie Smith

      Professor Maggie Smith

      General Secretary - University of York

    • Professor Chris Thomas

      Professor Chris Thomas

      Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee - University of Birmingham

  • Chairs of Committees
    • Dr David Whitworth

      Dr David Whitworth

      Chair of the Professional Development Committee - Aberystwyth University

    • Dr Karen Robinson

      Dr Karen Robinson

      Chair of the Scientific Conferences Committee - University of Nottingham

    • Professor Charles Dorman

      Professor Charles Dorman

      Chair of the Publishing Committee - Trinity College Dublin

    • Dr David Bhella

      Dr David Bhella

      Chair of the Communications Committee - University of Glasgow

    • Dr Pat Goodwin

      Dr Pat Goodwin

      Chair of the Policy Committee - C3 Collaborating for Health

    • Dr Helen Brown

      Dr Helen Brown

      Chair of the ECM Forum Executive Committee

  • Elected Members
    • Professor Paul Kellam

      Professor Paul Kellam

      Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

    • Professor George Salmond

      Professor George Salmond

      University of Cambridge

    • Professor David Pearce

      Professor David Pearce

      Northumbria University, British Antarctic Survey and University Centre in Svalbard

    • Dr Mike Skinner

      Dr Mike Skinner

      Imperial College London

    • Professor Nicola Stonehouse

      Professor Nicola Stonehouse

      University of Leeds

    • Professor Stephen Oliver

      Professor Stephen Oliver

      University of Cambridge



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